Our services and solutions

We know about fast sites. We are confident in developing complex web applications. And you can hire us to join your team for a clear hourly fee.

Tailored web applications

If you let a lot of the things that humans normally do be automated, you save a lot of time and money. You'll be more efficient. That's exactly what the web app allows you to do.

Backend and data processing

We'll write you an effective solution for processing and analyzing specific data. Or a clean, modern, fast and scalable backend for all your applications.

Server configuration

Configuring and securing the server is part of the web app development and deployment. We'll set up everything necessary on the server so that your application can run uninterrupted.

Hosting of specific applications

For specific applications or services, we can arrange suitable and affordable hosting. Perhaps even multiserver. We take care of products written in JavaScript or Go.

Application testing

We comprehensively test your applications from backend security to speed to UX. We will act as a new user of the app who knows nothing about it at the time of testing.